Initial Dietary Consultation


 We begin with a detailed consultation about your family’s dietary needs and, of course, your personal tastes. We review your dietary and nutritional goals with you, whether they are related to weight loss, food allergies or sensitivities, religious or philosophical concerns, disease prevention, or simply the desire to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. If you are working with a doctor or nutritionist, we would love to consult with them as well when developing a dietary blueprint. We then generate suggested menus for your consideration and approval for an agreed upon, determined number of meals.

Organic, Local, Sustainable*


  There is a saying that you can pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later. We realize that what you put into your body does matter. With this in mind, we work with local farms, fish markets, and butchers to the fullest extent possible in order to procure the finest quality ingredients. We strive to utilize organic and in-season produce, wild caught seafood, and organic and pasture-raised meat and poultry. We deliver these ingredients to your home and carefully prepare, package, and label your meals, leaving specific instructions on how to reheat them at your convenience.   

*whenever possible 

Honesty and Transparency


 Our guiding principles at Farm to Fridge include total honesty and transparency while offering a valuable service to our clients and support to our food and farming communities. Quality ingredients from reputable sources may cost slightly more than mass-produced ingredients, but there will never be a markup on the price of the ingredients purchased in order to prepare your pre-approved meals. Detailed receipts will be provided for you to copy and/or photograph, and we are happy to review them in full detail. There are never any hidden fees or contracts and we welcome your questions and suggestions throughout all transactions. 



Hello and thank you for your interest in Farm to Fridge, the personal chef service designed to maximize your family's health through cooking well-executed meals utilizing the best locally available ingredients.

My passion for cooking originated as a boy, watching Julia Child on television with my grandmother Lillian and has led to over 30 years in the culinary industry. What began as a part-time job as kitchen staff in a beloved, long gone local eatery as a teen has evolved into a career serving as a private chef for high profile families and their guests. 

Out of necessity and a desire to provide memorable, delicious, and nutritious meals for clients, family, and friends, I have spent years educating myself on ways to modify existing recipes and develop new ones to accommodate individual dietary needs.  This has led to a heightened awareness of the importance of high quality ingredients, painstakingly prepared so that you taste the true flavors of the foods that have  been enhanced by seasonings and sauces rather than disguised by them.

Currently, my goal is to work with multiple individuals and families to support their desires for a healthier, more convenient and responsible way of eating without sacrificing flavor or variety.




Farm to Fridge

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